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Dietary supplement
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It is recommended for people who are prone to getting malignancies or exposed to permanent stress on their immune system, it is also used for recovery after surgery, radiation- and chemotherapy.

Unit volume is 90 ml
The dietary supplement RINOVIT is intended for:

- prophylaxis of neoplasms at the early stages;

- acceleration of rehabilitation after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, recovery after surgeries;

- stimulation of the immune system, normalization of the hematopoietic system;

- normalization of the oxidative status in the body (though, it is not an antioxidant!), contribution to general rejuvenation of the internal organs, promotion of activation of stamina and vitality.

The dietary supplement RINOVIT is strongly recommended for use by healthy people with a genetic predisposition to cancer, at risk, living in unfavorable environmental conditions, exposed to constant stress on their immune system, as well as for the recovery of people who have undergone hard surgical, radiation and chemotherapy impact.

Dietary supplements do not cure oncology! But, they can help avoid it.

The RINOVIT dietary supplement belongs to the class of natural metabolites and prebiotics. Its active ingredient is chlorophyll extracted from land plants.

RINOVIT is produced on high-tech equipment in compliance with the international quality standards and has no analogues in the world.

Mechanism of action on the body

Lately, the attention of leading pharmacists has been turned to chemical compounds that can interact with photons of light. The most famous example of such compounds is chlorophyll, a green pigment in plants, which captures the energy of sunlight and sparks the reaction of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis necessarily occurs with the conversion of energy and the release of oxygen. Scientists in Russia reproduced the unique property of plants to synthesize oxygen under light in laboratory conditions.

As a result of multiple studies, there have been obtained chemical compounds that imitate some natural photochemical processes inside the human body. These compounds were called photosensitizers, and their ability to yield active oxygen, when exposed to light of special spectral composition, was initially used to destroy cancer cells. The new treatment modality was called Photodynamic Therapy.

The study has proven that RINOVIT:

  • promotes recognition of atypical cells and their removal from the body by the immune system (e.g. precancerous, dysplasic, viral, bacterial, gram-positive bacteria on their own);
  • acts as an adaptogen (i.e. relieves the impact of stressful situations on the human organism);
  • restores blood circulation in small vessels (by activating the action of hemoglobin);
  • weakens side effects of radiation- and chemotherapy and helps quickly overcome them;
  • acts as a natural enterosorbent, promotes detoxification of the body;
  • regulates the oxidative status, prevents emerging free radicals;
  • helps extend life expectancy;
  • improves cellular nutrition, raises stamina and viability.
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