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LED-based light source
For professional use only

It is the most powerful LED-based light source for PDT on the market which can provide a superficial density of light power (i.e. irradiation) up to 200 mW/cm2 at each of the emission wavelengths. Designed for professional use by dermatologists, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons.
LED-based medical device REVIXAN DUO LIGHT is a professional equipment designed for photodynamic therapy at in-patient and out-patient medical institutions, as well as in cosmetology clinics and treatment rooms.

The device is a component of the complex technology of photodynamic therapy PDT REVIXAN, it can be used jointly with the compatible product line, which includes cosmetic photosensitizing gel REVIXAN-DERMA, skin deep cleanser mus REVIXAN-SPUMA and post-procedure cream REVIXAN-POST-CREAM.

The device performs in two light emission modes at the wavelengths that match with the absorption peaks of the photosensitizing gel REVIXAN-DERMA, i.e. 400 ± 2 nm (blue light) and 660 ± 2 nm (red light).

Blue light is used to diagnose inflammatory processes and malignancies with clear boundaries. It also provides steady antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Red light triggers the mechanisms of natural regeneration of the skin, stimulates the division of stem cells within the basal layer and the production of collagen, improves metabolism and blood circulation, enhances natural hydration and promotes moisture retention in the skin.

Advantages of REVIXAN DUO LIGHT:

  • Wide light emission area and flexible LED panels
  • Convenient for irradiation of wide areas, e.g. face, neck, décolleté, chest, back, arms
  • The most powerful LED-based light source for PDT on the market which can provide a superficial density of light power (i.e. irradiation) up to 200 mW/cm2 at each of the emission wavelengths
  • The equipment is designed for the workload requirements of clinics and saloons
  • Registration certificate No. RZN 2019/8147 for a medical device was obtained on February 21, 2019

Technical specifications of REVIXAN DUO LIG6T:

  • 600 red LEDs and 300 blue LEDs
  • Two-wave light emission design: (660±2) nm and (400±2) nm
  • Maximum superficial density of light power is 200 + 10% mW/cm2 for red light and 200 + 10% mW/cm2 for blue light
  • Adjustment range of light power is 0...100% for each band
  • Emission of red and blue light at once is possible
  • Dimensions of the light emission area: 600 mm x 270 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 670 mm x 530 mm x 585 mm (the official specifications provide the dimensions when the panels are closed)
  • Power supply: AC 198...242 V x 50 cycles
  • Maximum electric power consumption: 500 W (official technical specifications)
  • Weight is 25 kg at most
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How to get the protocols for clinical use of PDT REVIXAN?
The PDT REVIXAN application protocols are provided to our customers along with the REVIXAN DUO LIGHT equipment after the purchase.
How to attend the training courses on the use of PDT REVIXAN from the renowned doctors?
REVIXAN LLC offers PDT training courses at both basic and advanced levels, both in full-time and remote format.
How to use the PDT REVIXAN technology in combination with other modalities of hardware or injection cosmetology?
REVIXAN LLC invites everyone to take authentic courses on the combined methods from well-known dermatologists and cosmetologists with a huge successful experience in the use of PDT REVIXAN.
Does the price of the REVIXAN DUO LIGHT lequipment include a master class on the technology?
A basic training course on the PDT REVIXAN technology is included in the purchase of the device. Training in the operation of PDT REVIXAN on various nosologies and combined methods is provided by clinicians within the framework of separate courses, which is paid additionally.
Does the price of REVIXAN DUO LIGHT include its shipping cost?
Yes, after purchasing REVIXAN DUO LIGHT lamp, we’ll deliver it to you free of charge.
Have you obtained a registration certificate for the REVIXAN DUO LIGHT light source?
Registration certificate for a medical device dated February 21, 2019 No. RZN 2019/8147 is available.
Where are the REVIXAN equipment and products manufactured?
Our production is fully localized in Russia.
Do you provide a warranty service for the REVIXAN equipment?
Yes, we give a 24-month warranty for all of our equipment.
Why the REVIXAN light sources emit light at two different wavelengths?
The photosensitizing gel REVIXAN DERMA has two light absorption peaks at 400 nm (blue light) and 660 nm (red light). Blue light penetrates up to 1 mm, whereas red light’s efficient penetration depth is up to 3…4 mm. Two different wavelengths (different colors) are used to treat multiple nosologies. Most treatment protocols use the both types of light at once.

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