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Photosensitizing gel
For professional use

Cosmetic photosensitizing gel is based on chlorin e6 and chlorophyll, it is used in the PDT REVIXAN technology. Designed for professional use by dermatologists, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons.

Unit volume is 19 ml
  • Significantly activates the process of reparative regeneration of the skin on face and hands;
  • Stimulates the healing and regeneration of the skin;
  • Promotes cleansing and smoothing of the skin;
  • Normalizes function of the sebaceous glands and prevents their inflammation;
  • Eliminates skin flaking and relieves itching;
  • Makes antiviral, antibacterial and immunomodulation effect;
  • Normalizes blood and lymph flow;
  • Eliminates keratosis (e.g. senile, actinic) on hands and face;
  • Activates production of fibroblasts;
  • Stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin;
  • Can be used in combination with phototherapeutic equipment as an adjuvant.


Distilled water, chlorophyll extract, glycerin, gelling agent ChemCare SP, phosphatidylinositol, potassium sorbate.

Application way:

Before using the REVIXAN-DERMA® gel, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned with a damp swab or soap solution (cosmetic cleanser mus REVIXAN-SPUMA® is recommended).

REVIXAN-DERMA® gel should be topically applied on the target site of ​​the skin with light circular massage movements. The gel is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin with no oily sheen afterwards. When using the gel in combination with phototherapeutic equipment, the gel application areas on the skin should be covered with a film, preferably one of a dark tint.

After 20…30 minutes of the gel exposure, remove it with a damp swab or wash it off with soapy water (REVIXAN-SPUMA® cosmetic cleanser mus is recommended). The output light power of the used source at each emission wavelength and the duration of the irradiation session are advised by the attending clinician.

After completion of the session, the skin is recommended to be moisturized with a cream (cosmetic post-procedure cream REVIXAN - POST-CREAM® is recommended).

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